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Golden Years

Golden Years

Benidorm has been popular for decades with British holiday makers, both young and old. In the winter months forget the summer’s overcrowded beaches and discos, Winter visitors are an older, more discerning crowd. Retirees from Britain flock here each year to stretch their wings in the winter sun, staying anything from two weeks to six months.

Many retired people spend the whole winter in Benidorm, to escape the British weather. It is a place for the young at heart, “why sit at home alone, looking at the rain falling from the grey skies, when you can be enjoying yourself in pleasant weather in Benidorm.” The saving on heating and household bills alone goes a fair way towards paying for the holiday. All our prices include water, electricity and a weekly linen and towel change.

Benidorm suits those with an active, positive outlook on life, who can’t afford to spend large amounts of money on holidays, offering the possibility to mix with like minded people who enjoy afternoon dances (all different styles from modern ballroom, modern sequence to line dancing), quizzes, bingo, sing-along and all the other participatory events. Improving your quality of life in winter, which otherwise is normally spent trying to avoid the cold, spending the whole day at home watching the television.

Reasons to book with Gestaltur, S.L.

  • All our prices include water and electricity.
  • Professional English speaking staff offering 15 years of trustworthy service.
  • We are open everyday (except New Years and Christmas day) for any problems you may have during your stay.
  • 24 Hours Key Collection service.
  • We can book you a taxi to pick you up in the airport.
  • We have a maintenance man working 8 hrs daily for any necessary reparations.
  • We change your linen and towels weekly.
  • Full breakfast set.
  • Electric convector heaters in the winter period.

All of our apartments are registered legally in  the Tourism agency and associated to APTUR., which guarantees once you leave a deposit that your booking will be respected

This is why some of our guests booked with us

Mr and Mrs Forbes from Tees-side

"The climate is a major factor, as the temperature is always kinder than the U.K. Benidorm, has a variety of facilities, which can meet everyone’s needs. Entertainment is wide and varied, eating out prices are very reasonable.

Out of season, the holiday population are mature adults ( no anti-social behaviour problems) Also for the more mature person it is comforting to know that medical care is available and is of a good standard. It is a friendly resort, we have made many long lasting friendships. Benidorm is a base, from which you can arrange your own outings and excursions. The public transport is reasonable and reliable. Personally we love spending the winter months in Benidorm.

Gestaltur was first recommended to us when we decided to arrange independent travel and accommodation. We have always been highly satisfied with the service we have received. The staff are friendly and have done their utmost to meet our requirements. They are reliable and do not make any false promises. We have recommended Gestaltur to many people and will continue to do so."

Mr and Mrs Rutherford from Yorkshire

"We are very happy with Gestaltur, S.L. and the staff, the apartments are clean, near the shops, beach etc. Quiet in January and February, we meet the same people year after year, we have a super time and we hope that it will continue for a number of years to come."

Mr Martin from Preston

"Three months in sunny Benidorm what more could you want it is a fantastic way to spend the winter months every year I go I think it can’t get any better but it does.

The apartment I rent from Gestaltur, S.L. has a glorious view of the seafront, it is well maintained and has full laundry service which is important for a three month stay.

The staff are very helpful nothing is to much trouble for them, should you have a problem they will sort it out straight away. For many years I have been going to Benidorm and people ask me why I keep going back my reply is the apartment I stay in is second to none, the weather, the local people and last but not least the way of life is affordable to all."

Mr and Mrs Plant from West Midlands

"We enjoy Benidorm January, February, March as the weather is much better than England in those three months, but also for us we have met a lot of people from all over England, who do the same thing, and it makes our holiday, meeting up with them every year.

Why we keep booking with Gestaltur is we find them very helpful in many ways, always try to oblige on requests that we have asked for , English speaking, also good to be able to leave a suitcase till we return the following year. The apartments are clean and tidy. "

Mr and Mrs Read from Kingsdown

"We have been going to Benidorm in the winter for the last 10 years, the last five years been for 3 months at a time, with Gestaltur, S.L.

There is plenty to do in Benidorm and as it is quite flat it is suitable for disabled people. It is reasonably cheap to eat out or in and the buses and trains are very frequent. The weather in the winter is better than England, there are very nice clean beaches and plenty of places to visit with quite a few free blanket trips. We always go self catering with Gestaltur, the apartments are always clean and tidy and we have clean sheets and towels every week. We find both the staff in the office and maintenance staff very helpful and cheerful and the cleaners very trustworthy. We usually stay in a residential block and have found the Spanish residents very friendly and the security is good."

Ann and Kathleen from Manchester and Ireland

"We both enjoy our winter holiday in Benidorm, the climate is great, and we love walking along the front and into the old town. Over the years Kathleen and I have made many friends, we all meet up on St Patricks Day and go to one of the Irish Bars, we do have a fun day.

We have booked with Gestaltur, S.L. for many years, but can’t remember how many, we have always found the staff first class, they do all their best to accommodate all our requests, as we are both in our mid 70’s this means a lot.

We don’t class Gestaltur staff as our letting agents but as our friends. Looking forward to next year..."

Mr and Mrs Discombe from Co. Durham

"The reason we decide to pass some of the winter in Benidorm are that we find there is always something to do for everyone, it has a pleasant seafront with plenty of seats and a well kept beach. There is no where like it at night for entertainment. We find the cost of living is far cheaper than other places. We choose Gestaltur for the first time last year for the location of the apartments being handy for shopping and Sun facing."

Mr and Mrs Simpkin from Yorkshire

"We find the apartment’s central to our needs, south facing, gets the winter sun which we come for. Apartments are well equipped and clean, any problems are quickly sorted out. Polite, English speaking staff. Benidorm has something for everyone."

Mr and Mrs Bradley from Lincolnshire

"We like Benidorm mostly for its much milder climate, its also a lot cheaper than at home, and over the years we have met many people, so getting together every year is nice.

To be honest we chose Gestaltur, S.L. in the first place because it was convenient for our transfer purposes, since the bus from the airport stops at the Hotel Castilla. But over the years we have found the staff all really friendly and helpful when/if anything needs attention. In fact over the years we have recommended quite a few people."

Mr and Mrs Davey from Devon

"We have booked long stay holidays with Gestaltur for the past ten years, so we are very happy with their service, very obliging at all times. As soon as we get settled into our apartment, we book again for the following year. The main reason we come to Benidorm every winter is the weather, it is much warmer than the U.K. not very much rain, miss the cold wet windy U.K. weather. We feel very well when we go home after 3 months stay.

Its cheaper to live in Spain, nice markets and shops, can’t ask for anything better. There is plenty of entertainment to choose from, what ever takes your fancy."

Mr and Mrs Lee from Wales

"The apartment we booked with Gestaltur, S.L. was clean and well equipped for all our needs. We live on a caravan park back home and it closes down for January and February so we try and come to Spain each winter away from the cold and wet weather we usually get in Wales. We have found Benidorm the best place to be as other resorts that we have been to, seem to close down for the winter whereas Benidorm is always open and lively if you want it. Benidorm is so flat for walking and as my wife is in a mobility scooter we find it very easy to get around and the buses usually have ramps so my wife can drive straight onto the bus if we want to go to nearby resorts or the hypermarket. We also find the many bars and restaurants in Benidorm very reasonable and usually with good quality food. We have looked at other apartments with other agents in Benidorm and find Gestaltur, S.L. apartments usually about the same standard (some are a lot worse) but theirs are a lot cheaper and the other agents ask for a lot larger deposit when you book them. The only ones that we found slightly cheaper are private apartments but there is no guarantee that they will be there when you arrive next year (after paying your deposit) or even the same owners. The staff in the office are very friendly and helpful and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other people asking about apartments in Benidorm, which I have done on a number of occasions back home. We are looking forward to spending three months in Benidorm next year which we have already booked with Gestaltur and will be arrive mid December to mid March."

Keep in Touch

For all our long stay guests we can now offer an internet connection in our office where you are able to send and receive e-mails enabling you to keep in touch with the family back home.

Out & About

Out & About Out & About in Benidorm we can recommend one of these great mini-scooters. They are small enough to fit in the apartment lift and ideal for getting around. You can book one at the same time as you book the apartment or when you arrive in resort, it can be delivered directly to your apartment. Prices from 12€ per day, 60€per week or 200€ per month.